our services

We transform your existing home into the home you’ve always imagined…or we’ll create it from the ground up.


When your dreams and our imaginations meet in the wild, we’ll design a refined retreat to suit your home and lifestyle.

  • We’ll identify the limitations and possibilities for your space.
  • We’ll create a beautiful, functional design that considers aesthetics and scale.
  • You’ll have a single point of contact throughout the design process.


Adaptation is a key survival mechanism, and it’s something that Untamed applies to existing constructions with ease and elegance.

  • We’ll modify your home within its existing structure—think a fully equipped kitchen for the home chef, a fully finished basement bar and home theater for watching the big game, or a complete home overhaul from shabby-chic to ultra-modern.


Creating habitats from the ground up is another way we’ve survived as a species. Untamed builds additions and new constructions on many property types.

  • We expand the footprint of your house up—think a second floor or eagle’s nest.
  • We expand the footprint of your house out—think a new garage bay or indoor pool room.
  • And for the ultimate opportunity to create a home with everything you want exactly how you want it, we’ll build it from the ground up—A truly custom home.