wild ideas

Here are some pictures of amazing work that we stumbled upon.  These are projects that inspire us – they’re here to give you some ideas of what Untamed Construction can do for you.

It’s not where you live or work. It’s where you play. Relax. Entertain.

What do you do on your playground?

  • Watch movies
  • Listen to your vinyl collection
  • Produce videos
  • Record and mix the next platinum album
  • Smoke cigars
  • Host a Scotch tasting
  • Make wine, beer, or spirits
  • Smoke your hookah
  • Store guns in your safe room
  • Display your 8-point mounted trophies
  • Play poker
  • Shoot pool
  • Host foosball, ping pong, shuffleboard, and darts tournaments
  • Create a virtual reality (Oculus Rift)
  • Play vintage arcade games
  • Display first editions
  • Install secret passages behind bookcases
  • View your library from ceiling-height rolling ladders
  • Show videos from your world travels
  • Do the WOD (CrossFit gym)
  • Store your gear
  • Climb an indoor rock wall
  • Watch the games—on multiple screens
  • Practice your swing (indoor putting green)
  • Bowl indoors
  • Play indoor basketball or soccer
  • Train for an Ironman (infinity pool, high-end indoor bikes, treadmill and indoor track)
  • Ice skate and roller skate
  • Play laser tag…and then paintball
  • Build custom cabinetry
  • Develop photographs (darkroom)
  • Prep and bake pizza in your firebrick oven
  • Sew
  • Create habitats for exotic animals and fish
  • Throw, bake, and glaze (pottery studio)
  • Prepare gourmet food in an industrial kitchen
  • Fix, maintain, and display vintage cars and motorcycles
  • Show videos from your world travels
  • Display your fine art collection
  • Stargaze (atrium)
  • Cultivate and display exotic plants
  • Be a clotheshorse
  • Get a massage and pedi, soak in a jacuzzi, sweat in a sauna or steam room, and top it off with a sunless tan
  • Be a kid (indoor trampoline, ball crawl, giant-size jungle gym)
  • Be in the spotlight (indoor theater with stage, curtains, spotlights, rigging, and stadium seating
  • Dance (dance floor/ballroom)
  • Slide on waterslides and drift along an indoor lazy river


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